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    If you are looking for Football Betting Tips you are on the right place. With more then 15 years experience in betting we are here to help all people to place their bets on winning picks.

Want To Beat The Bookies?

It’s difficult but it can be done! But you need to know what you’re doing as its your own money at risk. We’ve got years of betting experience and have tried and tested plenty of betting strategies. Everyone wants to make some easy money and gambling is one of the best ways to do it, but you have to do that on the right way. The most important thing if you want to make profit is to have patience. Sometimes you must take a risk, but always you must have a patience. Forgot big cash on low stake, be patience and place your money on low odds with big stake and you can succeed. Just follow betting tips on our site and you’ll be well on your way! If you are looking for Football Betting Tips you are on the right place.


Footballtipz provides you 2 to 4 FREE betting tips every day. Don’t expect high odds for free football betting tips and predictions, but sometimes we’ll give some higher odds. If you’re interested in higher odds there is a VIP subscription.


Our team will provide you 1 or 2 VIP TIPS every day with odd between 1.75 and 2.25. Our purpose is to have over 85% right prognoses. You can check the records of VIP tips for the previous months. For all questions you can contact us.


When you create a new account with a bookmaker, you can usually take advantage of a deposit bonus. For you as a player to be able to take advantage of the betting companies best deals we list their current campaigns in section Bonuses.

Free Betting Tips 22.06.2021.

Free Betting Tips

Vip Tips 22.06.2021.

VIP Betting Tips


Russia vs Denmark Prediction

Free Betting Tips 21.06.2021.

Free Betting Tips

Vip Tips 21.06.2021.

VIP Betting Tips

Free Betting Tips 20.06.2021.

Free Betting Tips

Vip Tips 20.06.2021.

VIP Betting Tips


Switzerland vs Turkey Prediction

Free Betting Tips 19.06.2021.

Free Betting Tips

Vip Tips 19.06.2021.

VIP Betting Tips